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Being woodworkers ourselves, we understand what makes a quality router bit. After much research, we have created a full line of router bits, offered to you at extremely competitive prices without compromising on the highest standards of quality. Our products rival many expensive high-end router bits on the market. We maintain a very high standard of quality and work tirelessly to deliver extreme value to our customers.

Our goal is to be the absolute best value in router bits. That’s why we design, manufacture and sell industrial quality bits that meet the demands of professional woodworkers and are affordable to occasional hobbyists. There’s no need to settle for substandard tools or pay a small fortune for premium products. Yonico provides an unmatched combination of superior quality and value.

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"V" Notch Flush Trim Face Frame Router Bit - 1/4" Shank - Yonico 14149q

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3 Bit Edge Molding Router Bit Set - Medium - Cove & Ogee- Yonico 13327

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4 Bit Tongue & Groove and V-notch Router Bit Set - 1/2" Shank - Yonico 15423

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One of our core beliefs is that the budget-conscious consumer should not have to sacrifice on quality in order to get competitive pricing. We’ve built our company from the ground up with the goal of creating the absolute highest-grade precision products through pursuing a business model and distribution structure that cuts away much of the inflated corporate expenses, passing the savings directly on to you, the consumer.

Our direct relationship with the end-user allows Yonico to maintain a finger on the pulse of the specialty fabrication industry. We value the input and opinion of our clients and end-users. Our R & D department has pioneered countless customized solutions, such as specialty materials and specs for a host of materials and applications.

We take pride in the fact that over the years, we’ve generated millions of dollars in savings for our loyal client base of professionals and hobbyists from around the world. As part of our never-ending quest for perfection, we’re always innovating and optimizing our production so that our router bits continue to be the very best in the industry.

Bottom line – We don’t offer cheap tools, we only offer cheap prices.

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