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Another Rare Super‑Honey with Astonishing Health Benefits from Sacred, Secluded Mountains in Greece.
This Incredible Honey Can Help You Breathe Better, Heal Damaged Skin & Support Your Immune System.
Introducing Panabee Wild Pine Tree Honey
Harvested by Beekeepers in Pristine Monastic Lands so Protected, They Even Escaped Bombing by Nazis During WWII

One thing every culture agrees on about Mount Athos is that it is a special place on Earth.

Commonly referred to in Greek as the ‘Holy Mountain’, it’s a land protected from the outside influence of corporate greed.

The epic poet Homer even cited Mount Athos in The Iliad. Greek mythology tells that the giant Athos hurled a rock at Poseidon, god of the sea, and that rock formed this sacred mountain.

The mountain sits on the northern peninsula of Greece. It’s a place that people like you and I can’t simply visit. Special permits restrict the number of daily visitors to the mountain and permission is often denied.

Although it’s been inhabited since ancient times, Mount Athos currently hosts 20 Christian monasteries that govern themselves apart from the rest of Greece, similar to how the Vatican operates in Rome. Christian tradition teaches that the Virgin Mary blessed Mount Athos and that God consecrated it to be her garden. Beginning in the fourth century or possibly before, Mount Athos attracted Christian monks and, over time, became off-limits to the rest of the world.

Here’s Why This Short History of Mount Athos Matters

Mount Athos is one of the most biodiverse places on the planet, due to its unique geology and Mediterranean climate. Thanks to its isolation, the vegetation is free from toxins and pollutants that are currently commonplace almost everywhere else in the world.

The mountain boasts huge forests full of fragrant pine trees. These trees thrive in a truly natural, GMO-free, unpolluted environment.

This fertile territory can’t be used for farming. The monks that control Mount Athos don’t allow it. They’re protective of the forest and consider it sacred.

There is one exception, one type of agriculture that happens in harmony with nature, without damaging the forests...


The protected pine trees in the forests of Mount Athos are the source of one of the most delicious honeys you’ll ever taste — if you’re lucky enough to try some.

Trees in these mountains produce nutrient-rich sap that, through a complex natural process, is transformed into honeydew that bees use to create honey with powerful health benefits.

This kind of forest honey is found almost nowhere else other than on this sacred mountain, making it one of the rarest and most in-demand honeys in the world.

Aphids adore the sap of pine trees. They swarm the trees in the warmer months and drink the sweet sap that these special pine trees secrete. They’re not after the delicious flavor of the sap, however. The aphids crave the powerful amino acids that the sap contains. Once they’ve drunk up all they can, the aphids leave behind an even sweeter nectar called honeydew. That’s where the bees come in.

This honeydew is rich in nutrients that bees can’t get enough of. The bees can be seen collecting it every day, sometimes even after sunset.

When bees make their special honey from the pine tree honeydew in the forests of Athos, the end result is rich in antioxidants and trace minerals like potassium, calcium, phosphorus, sodium, iron, magnesium and zinc.

This Rare Forest Honey from Northern Greece
Has Powerful Health Benefits
Sure, pine honey is delicious. In Greece, it’s usually enjoyed with yogurt and walnuts, and honey connoisseurs everywhere recommend it as a sweetener for strong black coffee, as a unique topping for hot scones or even as a compliment to savoury dishes, but its unique flavor is just the tip of the iceberg.
Get this: the antibacterial effects of Greek pine honey cannot be rivaled by any other honeydew or flower honey. In studies, Pine Tree Honey has been found to kill bacteria that can delay healing, cause respiratory issues and create skin problems better than any other honey!
One study compared 18 different kinds of Greek honey and found that pine was the MOST powerful type for killing harmful bacteria like S.marcescens, E. coli, B. sphaericus and B. subtilis.
Pine Tree Honey can help cuts, burns and pimples heal faster.
This honey is acidic, which promotes the release of oxygen from your blood. Applying it to cuts and burns gets them to heal faster because the honey creates a more favorable environment for tissue repair. Applying it as a daily mask can tighten pores and make your skin appear more youthful.
Even enjoying the honey on your toast or in your tea can have a beautifying effect on your skin. It’s known as a powerful natural remedy for blemishes.
You’ll likely start breathing better than before once
While many people enjoy honey of all kinds to keep their breathing healthy, pine tree honey is actually the best honey you can eat for respiratory health. It can control inflammation that affects your airway, while also thinning mucus and clearing out the pathways to your lungs. Studies show that honey is one of the best natural expectorants in the world.12
The terpenes found in pine trees are prized for their effects on respiration — who hasn’t walked through a pine forest and felt the instinctive urge to breathe deeply, taking the aroma of pine into your lungs? These volatile compounds make their way into the pine honey, by way of the sap, then the aphids and then the bees. Anyone who is fortunate enough to try this rare honey gets a dose of these special pine properties in every spoonful.
This honey is a natural, delicious, risk-free way to boost your immune system.
Raw honey contains healthy microbes that actually stimulate your immune system. Science has proven the presence of these probiotics in honey and demonstrated their power to the point where many experts view raw honey as a medicinal food.
This is all wonderful, yet there’s still a major problem…
You Can’t Go to Mount Athos and Collect the Honey Yourself!
Not gonna happen. That’s the bad news.
Here’s the good news though…
As of Today, You Don’t Have to Bribe a Monk to Bring You Pine Honey from Mount Athos in Order to Get a Jar of Your Own

Thanks to the latest release by Activation Products:
Panabee Wild Pine Tree Honey.

Now you can order a jar of this amazing super-honey from the comfort of your own home and have it delivered to your doorstep.

Activation Products has done the hard work for you, and gone through the hoops that other honey suppliers are unwilling to.

Activation Products struck a deal with beekeepers from the region near Mount Athos to supply this one-of-a-kind honey to our customers. There is truly no other honey like it anywhere.

This is not your ordinary supermarket honey. Today you can order one of the purest forest honeys in the world, found in a region you’d probably never be able to visit yourself.

PANA bee
Panabee Wild Pine Tree Honey is raw

That means it hasn’t been heated, filtered, creamed or irradiated. It’s been strained is all, and all of the healthy bacteria are still in it.

It’s also organic, which means it’s completely free of pesticides, GMOs and antibiotics.

As I’m sure you’ve already guessed though, the supply of this honey isn’t unlimited.

We were only able to secure a few hundred bottles to be flown in from Greece, meaning that supply is especially limited. Once we sell out, we won’t be getting this specific type of honey again for quite some time. The types of honey that come from this sacred mountain change with the seasons, which means that even if we wanted to secure more bottles we couldn’t because it’s already all gone.

Due to the difficulty of making this unique honey available in North America, the price tag could be over $100 per jar, and it would still sell like crazy.

Fortunately for you, we chose not to do that. You can get it today for a much lower price.

Our invitation to you today is to order your own jar before we run out

Panabee Wild Pine Tree Honey is not sold in stores or anywhere other than this website.

The last time we sold honey from Mount Athos, we sold out faster than we anticipated. This time, stock is already dangerously low to begin with, so we could run out at any moment.

The fact that you’re seeing this means that we haven’t run out yet, so now’s your chance.

Order your own jar of Panabee Wild Pine Tree Honey right now before we are forced to take this page offline.

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