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Mellow Mind
Evidence-Based Anxiety Relief Aid
Non-Habit forming Plant Based Active Ingredients at Therapeutic Doses with Clinical Results.
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Mellow Mind Helps Relieve Anxiety Naturally

Hi my name is John and after seeing the increasing rates of anxiety and stigma mental health carries in America I decided to drop out of psychiatric nurse practitioner school and develop a true evidence-based natural anxiety relief aid. Join me today on my mission to help people across our country!

Clinically Studied Plant Based Active Ingredients

Mellow Mind ONLY contains active ingredients which have been clinically studied in human trials, AND have demonstrated to be effective in people just like you. A true evidence-based dietary supplement

Formulated by Real Scientists using Clinical Data

Mellow Mind was formulated by a team of researchers and medical health practitioners from a wide variety of disciplines. Each specialty brings with them a unique clinical expertise and experience.

Our Team

John Lucero

Head Nutraceutical Nerd

Nazish Idrees Chaudary

Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Corina Kibsey

Nutropathic Doctor

Chad Brey


Sign up now for launch updates and receive up to 40% off !!!