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At Malibu Hills, we develop treatment plans unique to each individual. Our approach is a blend of traditional and holistic methods, delivered by a highly trained medical staff, many of whom have also gone through recovery themselves. approach
The journey to recovery can seem frightening but the result is freeing. We like to help clients understand their addictions and create better methods of coping with their emotions.
Are You or a Loved One Struggling with Drug Addiction?
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Therapy Methods
Malibu Hills uses a modem approach of intensive therapy, self-empowerment and self-motivation. We recognize that each client is different, and therefore we specifically tailor our programs to each individual’s unique needs. Our programs are non-religious and are not based on the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous. Many of our clients have tried the 12 steps model and other programs prior to coming to treatment and have not found success. Malibu Hills does recognize 12 step programs as a good support system and a smart choice for after treatment.
How to start
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Talk with an Advisor
Speak with a clinical professional to develop a personalized and mutually agreed upon treatment program that incorporates detoxification, CBT, DBT, motivational interviewing, and other evidence-based techniques proven to assist in the recovery process.
Begin Treatment
As you begin your recovery from alcohol or other drug addiction, you’ll find that it takes patience, practice and daily commitment to regain and maintain your health. That’s because you’re essentially learning a new way of living.
Our passion is to help you fulfill your highest potential by achieving your recovery goals and living your healthiest possible life
Medical Director Malibu Hills,
Andrea Jlks
Are You or a Loved One Struggling with Drug Addiction?
Whether you are seeking treatment or simply looking for information or answers to questions, we would love to help in any way that we can. We are available 24/7.
We’re here any time of the day. Let’s talk. Privacy Guaranteed.
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What makes us different
Individualized Treatment
All treatment plans follow an evidence-based, comprehensive model of treatment that heals whole patients as well as their family systems to set them up for a successful life in recovery.
Licensed Medical Staff
Our highly trained team of physicians, nurses, therapists and residential staff are addiction specialists who will get to know each patient in order to develop an individualized recovery plan.
Aftercare Support
You will get answers, support and an individualized recovery plan that fits your specific medical and insurance needs — even if it’s not with us.
24 /7 Support and Care
The facility has a high staff-to-patient ratio, ensuring that each patient receives the personalized care he or she deserves.
of Malibu Hills patients were in SOLID recovery

after 6 month therapy
Successful recovery is possible.
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Our facility
Located in the canyons of Malibu, California, our center is both surrounded by mountains and close to the ocean. This is the perfect location to find peace and relaxation as you focus on your recovery journe

15 acre mansion, swimming pool, tennis, basketball and volleyball

Close proximity to the Malibu beaches

On‑site chef. Healthy, nutritious, full service meals prepared by a chef with a dietary background

Holistic treatment including On-site massage, acupuncture, and yoga.

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