In Just 1 Minute You Can
And Virtually Guarantee EASY Fat-Burning Ketosis

Dear Friend,

This is a true story…

Danny Mather decided to try the ketogenic diet because his weight loss had stalled and he wanted to hit his goal weight.

The first two days of eating keto, he felt more tired than usual.

Then day three hit…

“By the third day, I thought I was actually sick,”

said Danny. “I felt awful. I couldn’t think straight. I felt even more tired than I did when I was overweight.”

In spite of feeling bad, Danny stuck with the keto diet for almost 2 weeks.

Unfortunately, his symptoms continued to get worse.

It got to the point where it was affecting his ability to function at work.

He struggled with “debilitating” nausea and headaches, plus mental fog and constipation.

Danny lasted just 12 days on the keto diet and lost a total of 14 pounds during that time.

Was it worth it?

Danny doesn’t think so. “While many may look at the results and say it was worth it, I didn’t feel that way at all.”

And so he quit.

It’s hard to blame him. Danny was suffering from something called the “Keto Flu,” a condition many new keto dieters experience.

If you’ve ever had it, you know it’s not fun. As Michael’s story illustrates…

You may feel nauseous
You may get headaches
You may experience low energy
You may be constipated

These negative side effects can last for a couple of days, even a week or longer!

It’s no wonder then that the keto flu is one of the #1 reasons people give up on the ketogenic diet.

So What Causes the Keto Flu?
(It’s NOT What You Think…)
For example, a popular Reader’s Digest article quotes a “keto expert” who says:
“Just as a recovering smoker or drinker has to deal with withdrawal symptoms, someone starting a low-carb or ketogenic diet has to weather the symptoms of carbohydrate withdrawal.”

I know this sounds believable.

But it’s only partially true.

You see, the REAL CAUSE of the keto flu is more complex than that. It’s not just due to “carbohydrate withdrawal” — even though that’s part of it.

Rather, the primary cause is something almost nobody is talking about.

Because of this, people suffering from keto flu feel trapped.

They feel like the only way to feel good again is to quit keto and go back to eating carbs.

But I have good news… Luckily, you don’t have to choose between feeling good or losing weight.

That’s because there’s…

A Fast and Easy Fix for the Keto Flu!

And this easy fix allows you to feel good AND lose weight at the same time.

In fact, once you understand the complex reasons why the keto flu happens, you can beat it in just 1 minute.

You’ll feel good, you’ll feel energized, you’ll feel mentally sharp, and you’ll have no problem transitioning your body to fat-burning ketosis.

Best of all, you won’t be tempted to give up because of feeling bad.

Instead, you’ll be encouraged to continue eating a ketogenic diet, burning stubborn fat, and watching your waistline shrink.

And that’s what you want, right?

In just a minute, I’m going to tell you all about this new 1-minute keto flu buster, but first you may be wondering why you should listen to me…

Hi, my name is Thomas DeLauer.

If you don’t know who I am, you’ve probably seen me on Facebook or YouTube where I have 1.4 million subscribers and my videos have more than 100 million views.


The reason people know who I am and talk about me is because a few years ago…

I Cut Over 100 lbs of FAT Off My Body
This is me when I weighed nearly 300 lbs…
And this is me after I dropped more than 100 lbs…

I know it may be hard to believe those two pictures are of the same guy, but if you watch my videos you’ll see the stretch marks that prove I used to be a very heavy man.

So how did I go from being obese to appearing on the covers of fitness magazines?

Well, I’m not going to lie. It took a lot of discipline and hard work.

But, in addition to intermittent fasting, one of the biggest keys to my weight loss has been the ketogenic diet.

Fortunately, I was able to push through the keto flu and give my body enough time to become “fat adapted.”

But I was one of the lucky ones.

You see, tens of thousands of people try the keto diet every month… and because of the keto flu, many of them quit after a few days or weeks.

And that’s always bothered me.

Because the keto diet can literally transform your life by giving you the body you’ve always wanted while erasing years of inflammation and pain.

I’m living proof of that!

That’s why I consider it one of my missions to solve the most common problems people experience on the keto diet.

By doing this, I can help tens of thousands of men and women just like you to burn fat, lose weight, and get healthy.

With that in mind…

It’s Time to BUST the #1 Keto Flu Myth!

So if “carbohydrate withdrawal” isn’t the primary cause of the keto flu, what is?

To answer this, it’s important to understand what happens to your body as you eliminate carbs and transition into ketosis.

You see, for every 1 gram of carbohydrate you store in your body as glycogen, you store 3.7 grams of water.

As you eliminate carbohydrates from your diet, you naturally burn through your glycogen supplies… which causes your body to release quite a bit of stored water in the form of urine.

As your body excretes this water, you also lose a bunch of minerals called “electrolytes.” And if you don’t replace these electrolytes fast enough, you will start to feel bad.

Now here’s the important thing to understand:

You don’t feel bad on the keto diet because of a lack of carbohydrates.
You feel bad because…

You’re Peeing Out All Your Electrolytes and You’re Not Replacing Them Fast Enough!

This bad feeling is what we call the “keto flu.”

Now, I know what you’re thinking…

Yes, going back to a carb-rich diet will alleviate the symptoms of the keto flu because you’ll be reinjecting your body with glycogen, which retains water and electrolytes.

But instead of doing that, wouldn’t it be better just to replenish your body with the necessary electrolytes it needs?

That way, you get to feel good and enjoy ALL the health benefits of a ketogenic diet (including significant weight loss).

A Word of Warning Though:

You can’t replace your electrolytes by slamming a Gatorade or Powerade. Both are loaded with sugar and unhealthy chemicals. And the sugar-free versions are just as bad since they use artificial sweeteners.

The needs of keto dieters are specific and unique, which is why I teamed up with PuraThrive to develop a BRAND NEW product specifically designed to avoid the keto flu and encourage healthy ketosis…

Introducing the World's FIRST Keto Supplement Designed to Encourage DEEP Ketosis While Preventing the Keto Flu!
Imagine having a powder to mix in your water that not only tasted amazing, but also made you FEEL amazing by encouraging ketosis and keeping your electrolyte levels topped up…

This is exactly what you’ll get when you try PuraThrive’s newest product called InKETO.

InKETO comes in a powder form to be mixed with water and enjoyed throughout the day.

It tastes like orange creamsicle and has a creamy full-bodied flavor that you will absolutely love.

InKETO has five main ingredients. The base of the powder mix is made from almonds and Medium-Chain Triglycerides (MCTs) that have been pulverized and spray-dried using a high-tech process.

Why MCTs?
Because they contain a nutritious form of saturated fat that are a cornerstone of ketosis. They can help provide you with the following benefits:
Rapid Ketosis
MCTs go straight to the liver for conversion into ketones. By taking MCTs, you can get into ketosis faster, with less work for your digestive system (and a potential boost in gut health).
Regulation of Inflammation
Unlike carbohydrates, MCTs produce almost no waste byproducts, making them a very efficient fuel source that’s easy on your body. This may be why they regulate systemic inflammation so well.
Instant Energy
When you take MCTs, it feels like your body is on fast-burning carbs without the side effects. Studies show they support performance in moderate to high intensity exercise.
Enhanced Weight Loss
MCTs have been shown to increase energy expenditure and fat burning, which could explain why they’ve also been linked to enhanced weight loss (particularly around the midsection).

While the MCTs will help you get into ketosis and STAY in ketosis, the real stars of InKETO are the electrolytes: sodium, potassium, and magnesium.

I like to call them “Keto Flu Busters” because they’re so effective at stopping keto flu before it happens.

Let’s take a quick look at each one…

Keto Flu Buster #1: Sodium

Sodium is absolutely vital for the regulation of cellular activity and nervous system function, including muscle contractions.

Sodium deficiency happens when you excrete a large volume of liquid in a short period of time. As I mentioned earlier, this can (and does) happen when switching to a keto diet.

And if you don’t have enough sodium in your system, the side effects could include headache, weakness, lethargy, vomiting, and confusion, among other symptoms.

That’s why, when switching to a keto diet, it’s critical that you get enough sodium.

Now I know what you’re thinking… “I can’t have more sodium, it will make me puffy and bloated!”

Here’s the thing. The only time that’s a problem is when sodium is “unopposed,” which means you’re getting sodium without any other minerals to keep it in check.

But that’s not the case with InKETO… because the sodium is balanced by two additional minerals that work together for maximum benefit…

Keto Flu Buster #1: Potassium

Believe it or not, 98% of Americans are not getting the recommended amount of potassium.

About 100 years ago, we were consuming about 10,500 mg of potassium a day. Today, we’re getting less than 2,000 mg a day.

To make matters worse, you will at first LOSE potassium on a keto diet since your body will be getting rid of excess water and taking electrolytes with it.

So why do you need potassium?

Similar to sodium, potassium helps regulate the nervous system. It maintains brain function, prevents muscle cramps, stabilizes blood sugar levels, and improves bone health and muscle growth.

On the flip side, a potassium deficiency can cause weakness, fatigue, muscle cramps, digestive issues, heart palpitations, breathing difficulties, mood changes, and more.

Obviously, you can’t just eat a couple of bananas to try to bring your potassium levels back up.

For one, they’re not allowed on a ketogenic diet. And two, you’d have to eat 11 bananas just to get the daily recommended amount of potassium.

Much better to get your supplemental potassium through a sugar-free keto-specific beverage like InKETO.

Keto Flu Buster #1: Magnesium

Last but not least, InKETO includes the electrolyte magnesium.

It’s estimated that up to 75% of people are not meeting their recommended intake of magnesium.

The symptoms of magnesium deficiency include fatigue, muscle weakness, high blood pressure, and muscle cramps.

Keep in mind, the symptoms of magnesium deficiency are usually subtle unless you’re extremely low. But the effects could be amplified if you’re also deficient in sodium and potassium.

That’s why I don’t think I’m exaggerating when I say that InKETO provides you with…

The TRIFECTA for Electrolyte Balance on the Ketogenic Diet

InKETO includes all three of these critical electrolytes — sodium, potassium, and magnesium — in amounts that will help you maintain a healthy balance even as you transition to a ketogenic diet.

I recommend you drink this before your workout, during your workout, and after your workout.

In fact, you can sip on it all day long.

It’s going to keep you in ketosis and provide you with the perfect balance of electrolytes throughout the day so you NEVER get keto flu.

You’ll feel amazing, you’ll have more energy, and you’ll be burning fat and slimming down.

All at the same time.

Of course, it’s not how much of a supplement you take that makes it effective… rather, it’s how much your body absorbs.

With that in mind, you should know that InKETO uses a proprietary “encapsulation” process…

Patented Liposomal Delivery Mechanism
Makes InKETO 20X More Bioavailable

The MCTs and electrolytes in InKETO are encapsulated into tiny, nano-sized micelles which are further enveloped into liposomes — essentially healthy fat cells.

The protective liposomes shield the tiny micelles from the hostile environment and absorption barriers found in the human gut, keeping them safe and intact.

As the liposomes travel through the digestive system, they slowly peel away. The micelles are gradually released and eventually InKETO is deposited near the gut lining where it can be fully absorbed.

This patented delivery mechanism makes InKETO 20 times more bioavailable than other types of supplements with similar ingredients.

This superior delivery system and enhanced absorption is why InKETO has very targeted amounts of each ingredient. When you take it, you’re getting exactly what you need to maintain your electrolyte balance and stay in ketosis.

“Data shows that Liposomal Delivery is up to 20 times more Bioavailable than Conventional Methods”
- Robert D. Milne M.D.

Oh, and it should be obvious, but I’ll say it anyway…

There Are NO CAPSULES to Swallow!

Unlike most supplements, which come in a capsule or pill form, InKETO comes in a powdered form that tastes like an orange creamsicle when mixed with water.

Mix one scoop with 10 oz of water... and enjoy!

Seriously, once you taste the creamy orange flavor of InKETO, you will want to drink it all day long.

Even little kids love it. That’s how good it tastes.

And, since there are no capsules, it goes down quick and easy.

So Does InKETO Actually Work?
When paired with a ketogenic diet, InKETO can help you:
Get into ketosis faster
thanks to targeted MCTs delivered in a way that your body can quickly absorb them
Avoid the “keto flu”
that short-term “yucky” feeling some people get as they transition into ketosis
Hit your target weight in less time
because you won’t make the most common keto mistakes that slow down everybody else

Now let me ask you an important question:

What’s the Value of Avoiding the Keto Flu, Burning Excess Fat & Feeling More Energy than You Have in Years?

I don’t think I’m exaggerating when I say that InKETO could make the difference between you thriving on the keto diet… or giving up too soon.

With InKETO as part of your daily keto protocol, you’ll skip the keto flu and go straight to fat-burning mode. And ultimately you’ll enjoy all the benefits of eating keto:

You’ll maintain your electrolyte balance so you feel GOOD during that critical first week and for as long as you follow the keto diet…

You’ll burn excess fat you’ve stored in your belly, butt, and thighs…

You’ll get a massive energy boost so you feel alert all day long…

You’ll regulate inflammation in your body (the #1 cause of disease)...

And… You’ll become the best version of YOU that you can possibly be!

Back when I was at my heaviest, I would have paid a small fortune for all of this. If you had said, “Thomas, just pay us $1,000 and you’ll get all these benefits…” — I would have handed you the money right on the spot.

In fact, I would have paid A LOT MORE than that!

It’s hard to put a price tag on being thin, healthy, and energized because these things affect every area of your life.

They affect your relationships, your romantic life, your work performance, your earning potential, and even the fun you’re able to have during leisure time.

When you think about it that way, these health outcomes are literally priceless.

Fortunately, InKETO won’t cost you $1,000 or even $100. In fact, I’m almost embarrassed to say you can try your first jar for just $49.

Want to save more? You can save up to 26% by selecting our 3-jar or 6-jar options.

Clearly, if you’re committed to the keto lifestyle, you’ll want to save the most by getting 6 jars.

But before you decide, you should know that your purchase today is 100% risk-free because of our…

180-Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee

Happy customers are the best advertising we have, so we will go above and beyond to make sure you’re thrilled with your experience. Here’s what that means.

If for some reason you’re not totally satisfied with InKETO, simply send back any unused jars within 180 days to receive a full refund.

So order today and try it out for yourself. If you don’t experience the results you expect, just let us know you weren’t satisfied and we’ll send you a 100% REFUND on your order — no questions asked.

It’s Easy to Try InKETO Risk-Free…

You now have a decision to make.

You can try to “go it alone,” push through the Keto Flu without any help, and try to make the ketogenic diet work for you…

OR: You can instantly solve the most common keto problem (the Keto Flu) and make sure you feel fantastic as the keto diet gives you the fat-burning results you want and deserve.


Please hurry though…

InKETO is made only with the freshest ingredients, so we only keep a small supply on hand at any given time.

Therefore, it could run out if too many people hear about this.

I hope you’ll join me in using InKETO to experience a complete body transformation.

To your Keto success,

Thomas DeLauer

P.S. Our customer service team is standing by to process your order and ship it out to you asap.

During the work week, we turn around orders within 24 hours, so you’ll have your InKETO within 5-7 business days depending on where you live.

Here are more answers to questions you may have…

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I take InKETO?

We recommend drinking InKETO throughout the day, but especially before, during, and after exercise.

When should I take InKETO?

You can take InKETO anytime. We recommend you sip it throughout the day, starting in the morning, to help you maintain your electrolyte balance and stay in ketosis.

Can I mix InKETO with anything?

InKETO is a powder that is designed to be mixed with water to make a creamy drink. It tastes really good, which is a big reason why our customers buy it over and over again.

Mixing InKETO with other beverages (like milk or coffee) is not recommended.

Will InKETO work with other diets?

InKETO was specifically designed to assist people eating a ketogenic diet. That said, it is a healthy supplement that can be a great addition to the Paleo diet or any low-carb diet. It also works well with Intermittent Fasting (IF).

Does InKETO require refrigeration?

No. Like coconut oil, InKETO is a shelf-stable supplement that does not need to be refrigerated.

Optimal storage temperature is between 60 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit.

Does InKETO include dairy?

No. InKETO does not use any dairy ingredients. It is dairy-free.

Does InKETO use any animal products?

No. InKETO is a vegan product.

Does InKETO have sugar?

No. InKETO is a sugar-free product. It is sweetened with stevia.

What exactly is included in InKETO?

Here are the Supplement Facts:

How many servings are in a jar?

Each jar contains 20 servings. Three jars will provide you with 60 servings, enough for 3 months if you have one serving a day.

How does your 180-day guarantee work?

You will have 180 days (half a year) from the date you order to try InKETO for yourself and prove that it works just as we’ve said it will. If for some reason, you’re not satisfied, you can return any unused jars for a full refund.

For example, if you’ve ordered 6 jars and you’ve opened up 2 of them, simply send back the 4 unopened jars and we will give you a refund of your entire purchase price (the full amount you paid for 6 jars).

For instructions on how to return product, please call our customer service at 888-292-8309.

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