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About Alistair

Hi my name is Alistair Horscroft thanks for visiting the Beat Anxiety Now Coaching Program Site.

Truly, this anxiety and panic beating program is completely different to anything you may have considered before.

This is a real world based, results focused program delivered in a powerful education and coaching based format to have you rapidly dealing with your problem for good.

Let me give you a quick introduction to myself so you feel comfortable knowing who created this program, why it will work for you and so you can see the overwhelming evidence of the programs success.

To be both honest and blunt, I am seen by many leading professionals as one of the foremost experts on beating anxiety and panic disorders.


I presented a 15 episode TV series for The Discovery T.V Network called 'Life Guru'.

The show followed me as I demonstrated anxiety and phobia beating techniques on participants who were suffering with extreme anxiety, helping them to eliminate their phobias, anxieties, fears and panic in record time.

The reason The Discovery Channel chose me to do the show was because I had a unique combination of assets:

  • I had been a severe panic, anxiety and phobia sufferer myself, but totally eliminated it from my life. (you can read about my 'crazy' history of severe anxiety in the book that comes as part of the program).
  • My approach and program is unique, and delivered rapid results where all else had failed and I had countless success stories as evidence from years of clinical experience.
  • They thought I was a very down to earth and easy going guy who always had my clients best interest at heart. (I would like to think this is very true !)
  • The show was a hit and ran for over 3 years almost daily in the UK and Europe, as a result my techniques became very popular and most of the anxiety approaches you find on the web use some aspect of what I demonstrated on that show.

However all the programs that borrowed form my approach are missing the full picture, which is why I decided to put together Beat Anxiety Now, so that the full approach is finally available. I have even recorded all the techniques into an audio coaching program so that you can listen and follow along with me as I guide you personally through every technique and concept….

Beating your anxiety and find your freedom…

Kindest regards

Alistair Horscroft


PS: You can watch a clip form the show below