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Beat Anxiety Now is a drug free system that uses cutting edge psychology, common sense and years of clinical experience in a totally safe and empowering way that gets you FREE from Anxiety, Panic Attacks and OCD fast.


The system was created by The Discovery Channels anxiety expert Alistair Horscroft. It was designed for you, if you or a loved one are struggling with:


Beat Anxiety Now is a powerful and life changing program designed to address both the cause and symptoms of anxiety disorders so that you can take back control and live free

Will This

Actually Work?

So, lets get back to you and why your here. Obviously either you or someone you care about is suffering from anxiety, phobias, OCD or panic disorder (or maybe all four) and you want a genuine solution that will actually work.

I totally understand, I really do. My panic disorder started when I was 8 years old. It grew into a fully fledged anxiety disorder, then phobic disorders and then finally very, very unpleasant OCD.

I didn't beat it fully until way into my adult life, and that was after seeing Doctors, psychologists, nutritionists and a host of well meaning but ultimately not that helpful therapists.

I would have spent in excess of $60,000 trying to find a solutions. You could say I literally 'tried everything'.

Look Around You.

Up to Two People In Every Ten You See Has An Anxiety Disorder.

Anxiety affects approximately 15% of people in western populations, which is a huge number, and it means you are definitely not alone. The maths is easy, for every ten people you see in a shop, at a restaurant, at the cinema, on a plane, in the street, at the park etc, one or two of them will have some kind of anxiety disorder, be that a phobia, a panic disorder, social anxiety, OCD or generalized anxiety disorder, and the numbers are on the rise.

What Is The Solution?

Do you want the Truth, the actual truth? I ask this because many people are seeking a magic pill and amazingly enough most of what I will show you is pretty darn close, but depending on who you are, your personality, the type of anxiety you have and it's severity you will need a combination of 3 things if you are genuinely going to beat anxiety for good.

  • An anxiety beating attitude (you need to want freedom more than keeping the anxiety)
  • Anxiety beating techniques (a combination of the best anxiety eliminating approaches in the world)
  • An anxiety beating way of life (much easier than you think)

Beat Anxiety Now is a unique education and coaching program, you get:

  • Alistair Horscroft's full Beat Anxiety Now Book - 200 pages
  • The Beat Anxiety Now Workbook - so that you have quick access to key exercises and reminders
  • The Beat Anxiety Now Coaching Sessions - professionally recorded audio tracks that you can upload to your media player or iPod, so you cn shave Alistair personally coach you through all the key anxiety and panic beating techniques and exercises

A Few Of The Key Things You'll Learn On The Program

  • What causes anxiety, why you have it and what you really need to do to eliminate it from your life.
  • The Modern Psychology power techniques that will have you experiencing relief rapidly and taking back full control.
  • How to re-set your brains fear thermostat so that you feel safe and secure again.
  • Why beating anxiety is one of the most empowering and important things you will ever do.
Why do some people beat their anxiety disorder and some don't?

Believing what many so called experts say and reading what the web offers on the subject could be the major block to you taking back control and living free. The reason being is that there really is a solution that has been proven again and again that flies in the face of what most anxiety specialists are telling people and certainly it differs from most of the nonsense that can be found on the internet.

How do I know, well because I spend 20 years of my life trying find my own solution and during that time I tried them all….

Other programs talk about things like CBT (cognitive behavior therapy), The Amygdala (fear thermostat), The One Move Technique, Hypnosis, Eliminating Coffee, breathing techniques and so on. what do you think of all this?

It's all good, and I cover it all and much more. I explain what works and why. What doesn't and why and what you need to do to get anxiety free. Sales people have a tendency to make out that there is ONE single cure to anxiety, but there isn't. This simply is not true. Like I said earlier it takes a combination of things and this is what makes my program unique. It covers everything and I actually COACH you personally step by step through what you actually need to do to get free.

Here are what a few people have said after working with Alistair and his anxiety beating approach...

A Huge thank you for your wonderful, Beat Anxiety Now program. It is only a week since commencing, but the progress I have made is incredible. After at least 15 years of suffering anxiety and panic attacks, visiting numerous counsellors and trying various other programs, which did not solve my problem, I am amazed at how quickly I have improved. Reaching the age of 60, I felt I was trapped with my problems for the rest of my life. After one week on this course I realise this is not so. Suffering frightening panic attacks over the years which reached the stage of thinking I control, I never left the house without fear. I am so pleased to tell you that yesterday and today, I went for walks with no fear and also travelled into the city for a function yesterday afternoon (again with no fear). You cannot imagine how wonderful this has made me feel. Thank you so very, very much.

Jeanne Cashman

"Thank you! Finally, real, tangible tools I can use every day – not just platitudes about what I 'should' be doing. The audio coaching sessions are like having Alastair on call, just for you, right when you need him. Brilliant products that have made changing my thoughts effortless. This stuff is like IKEA for your mind … it's clever, it works, and no home should be without a piece!"

Liz G, Sydney

After years upon years of so many different therapies (all trial and error - some providing temporary relief and hope but, in retrospect, predomiently error!), Alistair's views and methodologies have completely changed my life. So much sense! I've been blown away and feel for the first time in my life, above anxiety.

Elizabeth Coady

"You cured my fear of flying! Not only have I flown to Canada but I also went on a cable car which was previously unheard of for me. Then four weeks later I hoped on a plane to Rome – absolutely no problem!! Many thanks."

Ann J, Psychologist

"I did a public presentation in front of my clients. Thank you! Your work lifted a load off me that has been with me for as long as I can remember."

E.B., Psychotherapist

Alistair single handed, resolved the concerns of all 15 individuals on his very successful Discovery Channel T.V show he presented for us which focused on anxiety and phobia disorders. He is obviously a leader in this field.

Clare Leycock, Executive Producer, The Discovery Channel

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The Beat Anxiety Now Coaching Program Includes (Digital):

**Remember, if you don't experience genuine results, you don't pay. We hold your payment in escrow for 30 days so that you don't have to wonder if it works, or take any ones word for it. You experience results, we are both very happy. It's been a more than fair exchange. You feel so much better and I get paid for all the time, hours and experience I have put into the program**