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Studies show that educating young boys and girls yield benefits for not only their families, but their communities as well, ultimately lifting and transforming society. The pressure these youth experience growing up in today's world are many: from gender stereotypes, little to no expectations, negative media attention constantly tearing at their self-image, slowly but surely diminishing their self-worth. Y.E.S. focuses on the education and encouragement for at-risk youth boys and girls ages 5-18yrs of age through several enrichment programs, workshops and outreach opportunities which in turn help to cultivate and foster soon-to be leaders growing and thriving one becoming productive members of society. Though research it is important to recognize that the needs children and youth face are unique to their circumstances. Programs designed for them are most effective when the needs of the mentees are taken into account and factor into the structure of the program and the pairing of mentors and mentees.

Mission, Vision & Purpose

Yes empowers, educate and promote growth and social awareness to at-risk youth and teenage boys & girls


Yes vision is to inspire All youth to know their limitless potential and is free to Boldly pursue their dreams through tools that will inspire them to explore, expand and build a positive future.


Yes Purpose is to provide a positive high quality educational after-school and summer program that will offer at-risk youth ages 5-18 research-based curriculum taught by trained professional mentors.


Developing the Whole Child

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