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Who we are

Our philosophy is that addiction is a disease. We provide medical detox that is client-centered, with a holistic approach, to those suffering from substance use disorders in the least restrictive and most effective level of care. We will adjust our approach to meet the needs present in each community we serve. In being part of the community, we advocate for the most operative, efficient, and economic treatment of each individual who is in need of our services.

What we treat

Drug Addiction

Alcohol Addiction

Mental Disorders


Find Your Path to Recovery.
If you or a loved one are suffering, reach out to us - we’re here to help.
Call our free and confidential helpline. Availble for you 24/7.
Call: 833-801-LIVE
How we work
1 Call us today - 24/7
If you suffer from addiction and want to get help, contact us today to get started. We will listen to your needs and help to create and implement a treatment method that suits your specific situation.
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2 Talk with an Advisor
Also, before we start your treatment, we will administer a comprehensive assessment that will give us an in-depth look into your physical, mental and emotional states. We will do this in a manner that helps us to understand your learning style and your personality.
3 Start your Recovery
Our initial goal in treatment is to help individuals suffering from drug addiction, alcoholism, and/or dual-diagnosis to become drug and alcohol-free and feel better. Depending on the drug of choice, this often requires medically-managed detox as the first step in the rehabilitation process.
Our alternative treatments and individualized therapies are backed by years of experience in the recovery space.
The treatment team at Enlightened Solutions is acutely attuned to the challenges faced by a recovering addict, and provides compassionate therapy in a comfortable, soothing environment. When it comes to treating a disease as complex and all-encompassing as addiction, we know that therapies specially designed to heal the spirit are just as important as traditional medical and psychological modalities.
Our Therapies
  • Group counseling Sessions
  • Individual Сounseling
  • Introduction to Self-Help Groups
  • Discharge Planning
  • Holistic interventions
  • Family Sessions
«We believe that every addict can recover and achieve relief from this disease regardless of personal circumstances, past experiences, and the unique manifestation of active addiction in the individual’s life.»
Find Your Path to Recovery.
If you or a loved one are suffering, reach out to us - we’re here to help.
Call our free and confidential helpline. Availble for you 24/7.
Call: 833-801-LIVE

What makes us different

Our goal is to help clients develop the mindset necessary for long-term holistic health (health in body, mind, and spirit) and learn the skills necessary to achieve long-term sobriety.
Holistic Approach
is focused on healing the whole person, invigorating your soul, refocusing on what makes you unique, and is grounded in a 12-Step philosophy that encourages participation in a positive and supportive community.
Multi-disciplinary Team
We are proud to have compassionate and experienced staff while guiding our clients on their road to recovery. Rest assured, we deeply care for our client’s health and want them to achieve a successful and lasting recovery.
Individualized Treatment
Medical and mental health professionals will work with clients to determine what types of over-the-counter and prescription medications are best suited for his or her needs.
Aftercare Planning
Working with clients on what their life will look like following completion of treatment and what they will be doing to support their long-term recovery and sustained sobriety.
Gender Specific Treatment
We know that women and men respond differently to certain kinds of treatments, and we also make sure to assign therapy groups to gender-specific leaders, providing an atmosphere of comfort and trust for each client
of Enlightened Solutions patients were in
SOLID recovery

after 6 month therapy
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JCAHO Accredited Medical Drug Detox and Alcohol Detox
Our facility
Our alcohol and drug rehab facility is a warm and welcoming place to focus on recovery. Residents of Enlightened Solutions quickly feel at home in our treatment center. Warm, comfortable rooms, welcoming meeting areas, and a beautiful outdoor patio all help make a resident’s stay at our center more comfortable.
Get effective, holistic treatment that provides long-term sobriety.
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