Thank Your Future Self
“How to Reverse Metabolic-Syndrome”
Yes, It Takes Less than 2-Minutes Per Day…
…Does Anyone Else Want to Eliminate Stress, Fatigue & Bodily Pains While Upgrading Their Energy, Sleep, Heart & Mental Heath Without Swallowing a Single Supplement?
Golden-Goose of the Medical Industrial Complex?
“You can shear a sheep many times
…but you can only skin him once.”
—Mike McDermott, Rounders

You don’t have to be a statistic.

Metabolic-syndrome is affecting our generation like the plague…

One gander out at our society of peers, and in one-word here’s what you’ll notice:


It’s INSANE: In the last two-decades, the number of prescriptions filled for American adults and children rose 85 percent; from 2.4 billion to 4.5 billion a year! *According to the health research firm Quintile IMS.

And according to the Mayo Clinic; “Nearly 70 percent of Americans are on at least one prescription drug, and more than half take at least two or more.”

Is that not astounding?

7-out-of-10 People You Know!

Most of them, paying customers for LIFE, to a system gone awry…

A system producing new heart-attacks every 30-seconds, 35,000 new Cancer diagnosis DAILY according to the American Institute for Cancer Research), and over 400 million people living with Diabetes - according to The International Diabetes Federation.

(*Does not include many other common chronic conditions over 70% of the population are affected with, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.)

And it’s clearly getting worse…

The Washington Post recently published a report by National Center for Health Statistics titled:

"U.S. Life Expectancy Declines For First‑Time Since 1993!”

What’s also important to realize is these fallen-folks aren’t making it out of life, without first paying an obscene “death-tax” to the system.

Most of these patients are actually profited off of for DECADES!

Their health-problems are “the gift that keeps on giving…”

That’s why we call it chronic-disease. Because it’s usually long and SLOW.

Sure, everyone has different genetic breakdown-points and susceptibilities.

But here’s the thing; It doesn’t matter “which particular condition” someone has…

Because these diseases are all children of — a breakdown in metabolic function.

…That’s How They Cook-Your-Goose!

Imagine the world’s most widespread airborne-virus…

Like an outbreak, it circulates up-the-nose of every single person you know.

Except there’s a few problems:

Most symptoms come on slow… and each person experiences different symptoms.

Medicals tests commonly reveal there is clearly something wrong, but none of these tests are “linking” any of these sick folks - together, as a unit.

Because this outbreak, this obvioius unquestionable epidemic, wears many different masks.

It’s name? Metabolic-disease.

This is How they Get You.

Metabolic-stressors, just like the plague or super-viruses, infiltrate our biology in mass.

They can be found everywhere in our environment at this point… our water. Our food. Our dentistry. Our prescriptions. Our househould items… Our wireless-technology. Furniture we lay on or items we sleep on. Even in the air we breathe.

Metabolic-stress can even be inflicted by our own emotions!

That’s right. A byproduct of our own prideful existance.

And as a result to all this… We’re all fighting a viral-outbreak that can’t be killed.

Because it’s not a virus.

The Greatest Threat to Your Heath And Why You Should be Concerned?

It’s said to (already) be affecting over 90% of industrialized adults, in some form.

That’s right. Over 90-PERCENT of us (either knowingly or unknowingly) living with some form of metabolic-syndrome. Which is pretty unsettling… because if it’s not presenting any noticeable disruptions yet (for you) chances are it’s probably brewing.

This is why everyone (without exception) needs to begin protecting their health YESTERDAY.

Because by the time you exhibit any symptoms, you’ve already immigrated out of your natural metabolic balance, living with some form of metabolic-syndrome for some time now.

This is because symptoms typically don’t show up until long AFTER any particular metabolic-pathways have been already thoroughly compromised.

That’s why it’s vital to prevent these happenings in the first place, by staying ahead of the curve before symptoms like these start presenting themselves:

…Lower‑energy, compromised focus or cognitive acuity, excess belly‑fat, blood‑sugar swings, bodily‑pains or joint stiffness… mood‑imbalances like anxieties or depressions… digestive‑disturbances… sleep‑challenges…. high‑blood pressure or circulation issues, and so on.
These symptoms all highlight your cellular and your metabolic-risk.
Why So Serious?

Look, it’s easy for folks to get confused by the term metabolism.

Realize this…

  • Heart-disease is a metabolic‑disease. (*Nearly 1-in-2 people living will perish from this!)
  • Cancer is a metabolic‑disease. (*Another 1-2 folks will perish from this…)
  • Diabetes is a metabolic‑disease. (*Predicted to reach 1/3 people by 2025!)
  • Adrenal/Thyroid-disorders are metabolic‑disease...
  • Chrons & Colitis are metabolic‑disease.
  • Kidney-disease is a metabolic‑disease.
  • Obesity is a metabolic‑disease...
  • Chronic-fatigue is a metabolic‑disease.
  • Liver-disease is a metabolic‑disease.

You get the point.

Our metabolism is the key that ignites our bodily-engine.

Understand: Your Metabolism IS Your Health!

So yes, you should probably be concerned… Because the statistics are out — and those that don’t protect themselves are basically sheep heading into slaughter.

It’s a sad truth. But it does not have to be.

Because there is something you can do about it.

I’ll Cut Right-to-The-Chase…

Look, no one has to let this happen. (Yourself included)

Because there’s a very simply-way to protect your metabolic-health.

What I’m about to share with you is a liberating 4-letter word that can help dramatically resist serious metabolic-threats by keeping your metabolic processees further in check.

It works great for prevention, as well as combatting active-health symptoms and ailments.

If you want to avoid being a willing-statistic of the Medical Industrial Complex; you want to pay close attention. I’ll try to make this quick.

What You Can Do:
“The Simplest, Most-Effective Way to
Give Your Body a Metabolic-Makeover,
and Avoid the Death-Tax…”

What I'm about to share with you is quite likely the most elegant solution for your metabolic-health you've ever experienced.

It’s easy, cheap and could potentially save your life… or at minimum; help reduce antagonizing symptoms, sparing you from unnecessary pain, discomfort and suffering.

The best part?

You don’t have to choke down ANY pills and it takes less than 2‑minutes per day!

It’s all-inclusive (works for everyone), is fast-acting and supremely effective.

I know… because I discovered and experienced all of this myself, first‑hand.

My name is Ian Clark.

12 years ago I was suffering from life-threatening illness… I was only 46 years old and my health and body were in a VERY bad place, to say the least.

My Metabolism was nothing short of a HOT-MESS:


I’d developed a terminal-case of metabolic-syndrome, and after years of being obnoxiously FAT… I even spiraled downward into advanced liver disease!

I’d assumed decaying-health, wieght-gain, energy-loss, and cramps & creaks (that seem so common today) were just all apart of life's aging proces… until I was DYING much too early.

So I set out across the Earth to uncover the greatest health secrets and nutritional resources the world had to offer me, in quest to regain my life and health.

What I’d go on to discover was simply extraodinary.

So extraordinary that anyone can implement it (less than 2-minutes per day) for the cost of dirt.

One Magic-Bullet That Solved Everything.

Look, anyone claiming this is the one-and-only magic bullet you’ve been looking for is being disingenuine. Many factors can support your metabolic-health. It’s a LONG, tiring list.

But what I’m going to hand you here is the next-best-thing…

What I’m going to share with you is the leading‑factor that put the train back on the tracks for me — in my quest for optimizing my metabolic well-being, leveraging The Pareto Principle.

(…Otherwise known as “the 80/20” rule, a principle conceived by Italian economist Vilfredo Pareto; hence it’s coining as the Pareto Principle.)

Pareto wrote that in economics, 80% of your results often come from 20% of your efforts. But amazingly… has proven true in nearly every real-world situation, when applied!

Hence the notion being; acheiving the majority of results from the minority applied.

How you can get maximum-results — with minimal-effort.

In the world of health and our own survival… this is an extremely valuable and useful notion.

The goal is to ensure the action you’re about to choose will have the grandest benefit.

How to Upgrade Your Metabolic-Health In Less Than 2-Minutes Per Day With Your ‘Master-of-Metabolism’

When we take a look at our metabolic-processes, we find they are largely facilitated by enzymatic‑reactions.

And if we extrapulate the single greatest contributor to these reactions, we find it’s magnesium.

A single-mineral responsible for over 350 critical enzymatic actions in your body!

A single-mineral that’s vital to nearly every bodily and metabolic function…

That’s why here in the western world, it’s referred to as the MASTER-MINERAL.

Yet… Magnesium-deficiency may be the most common nutritional problem in the industrialized world today, yet also the single most important control for maintaining electrical balance and metabolism in our cells!

So what does this mean?

(…No, This Has Nothing to Do With Swallowing Supplements!)

I’ll explain in a minute. Here’s the deal…

You are made up of approximately 100 TRILLION CELLS.

Each cell's essential chemical reactions need to be driven by hundreds of different enzymes.

When your cells don't contain the proper mineral ratio and don't have the ATP energy needed to operate properly and aren't supported with healthy enzymatic reactions… your health begins to break down – as your cells are unable to carry out their necessary functions.

If this process continues; Your body will begin giving up on You…

This is because magnesium is a backbone of your body’s metabolic-ecosystem.

Within your body's cells, it literally serves hundreds of functions… So when you eliminate its prominence in your daily diet, there’s no limit to the problems that can plague your health.

From heart-health… to chronic-pain… to cancer... to insomnia, diabetes, fatigue, depression, migraines, obesity, etc — it has been both discovered and verified that there is seldom a disease or problem in the body that is not accompanied by magnesium deficiency!

Unfortunately, most folks are largely unaware of the truth behind it all, or the enormous role magnesium plays in our health and well-being, especially in regards to metabolic-regulation.

Look What Happens (Metabolicly) When Your Body is Deficient in Magnesium:
{Here’s just a short list of highlights…}
HEART ATTACKS: Did you know half of all heart attack patients receive injections of magnesium chloride to help stop blood clotting, relax and regulate proper cardiac rythym?
HEART DISEASE: Due to the importance of the proper calcium/magnesium ratio in the body and the function of the sodium/potassium pump, magnesium deficiency can lead to “calcification of the arteries”… causing coronary problems. While the Framingham Health Study found that sufficient-magnesium correlated with a lower risk of coronary heart disease.
HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE: A Harvard study of over 70,000 people found that those with the highest magnesium intake had the healthiest blood pressure numbers. A follow-up analysis also showed a dose-dependent reduction of blood pressure with magnesium supplementation.
LOW ENERGY: One of magnesiums main roles in our body is producing energy. ATP energy (produced in your cells) is the foundational energy storage molecule in your body, produced by the Krebs cycle. A body cannot heal and/or thrive without adequate energy, and ATP energy cannot be produced without sufficient magnesium — ATP actually must bind to a magnesium ion to be activated! Meaning, no magnesium, no energy. Resulting in fatigue and so on…
YOUR BLOOD SUGAR: The Krebs cycle is a series of reactions that produce ATP by breaking down glucose – as well as all other metabolites, sugars, carbohydrates, amino acids and fatty acids. Magnesium is a vital part of this cycle, which is the central metabolic pathway in all aerobic organisms.
YOUR DNA: DNA is the body's genetic code, used in the building of proteins and the reproduction of cells. The cells in our bodies are constantly being replaced by new cells. Proper DNA synthesis and stability is dependent on magnesium. Magnesium not only stabilizes DNA structures, it also functions as a cofactor in the repair of DNA damage by environmental mutagens. Magnesium also assists in the healthy production of RNA, which is responsible for reading your DNA and manufacturing the proteins you use in your body.
CELL REGULATION: Within every cell in the body, proper mineral balance must be maintained. We call this “The Sodium-Potassium Pump”. Magnesium makes sure there is a healthy balance of important minerals such as calcium, sodium and potassium in each cell and affects the conduction of nerve impulses, muscle contraction and heart rhythms.
MUSCLE/JOINT-PAIN: When calcium disrupts your sodium potassium pump and cellular balance, it causes arterial stiffness, muscle contraction issues and joint pain. But when you restore your magnesium levels properly, you can dissolve and release displaced and harmful calcium, allowing your muscle-cramps and joint-pain to subside.
POOR SLEEP: Studies show that losing just one night of sleep can age your metabolism up to 30 years… Being overworked and stressed certainly contributes to sleep-deprivation and sleep challenges. Without proper REM and delta sleep, all aspects of your mental, emotional and physical health become affected. Sufficient magnesium helps relax the body and the mind, contributing to restful sleep and proper function of GABA receptors in your brain, the neurotransmitter that allows your brain to wind down so you can sleep.
STRESS-INTOLERANCE: Insufficient magnesium causes muscles to tighten, and your sympathetic nervous system to be more reactive. As your adrenal glands continue to release cortisol and adrenaline, your energy not only becomes depleted, but your “stress-tolerance” dwindles, influencing a state of intolerant “madd-hatter” behavior.
MENTAL HEALTH: Magnesium deficiency largly affects mental health. Psychology Today states: “Magnesium hangs out in the synapse between two neurons along with calcium and glutamate. Calcium and glutamate are excitatory, and in excess, toxic. They activate the NMDA receptor. Magnesium can sit on the NMDA receptor without activating it, like a guard at the gate. Therefore, if we are deficient in magnesium, there’s no guard.”
YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM: Magnesium is needed for vitamin D to turn on calcium absorption. This is why it is also important to get enough magnesium when taking vitamin D. Magnesium is needed to stimulate the hormone calcitonin which draws calcium out of the muscles and soft tissues and into your bones.
NUTRIENT DEFICIENCIES: To function properly, your body needs adequate vitamins and minerals. Your body can't make 'macro-minerals', which is what magnesium is. Another problem is magnesium is also required for you to properly utilize various necessary nutrients.
TOXICITY: We take in a wide array of toxins on a daily basis. In fact, the average person has more than 50 detectable toxins in their blood including pesticides that haven't been used in OVER 50 YEARS!! Magnesium is key to supporting your body's cellular detox and enzymes metabolism, so essential for breaking down and eliminating waste excreted by our cells.
It’s Not Rocket Science. …Without Sufficient Magnesium, Your Metabolism Falls Apart!

Magnesium is the second most abundant element inside your body’s cells.

If you take an otherwise healthy body and strip magnesium from it… it becomes obvious why magnesium is referred to as “the master mineral”.

…Because the body’s metabolic processes begin to crumble!

Cells won’t perform their proper metabolic-functions without adequete magnesium.

Our cells are our lifelines. Without properly functioning cells, not only can we not reach our desired health goals… We literally can't even survive in the first place.

Your cells power your existence: Each one relying on magnesium for critical metabolic support.

If you don't have enough magnesium, you’re going to develop very serious problems, because our bodies crave and burn magnesium nearly every second of every day.

...From immune response, metabolizing fats, carbs, amino acids, nervous & muscular support, proper cardiac & brain function, blood sugar, blood pressure, energy & protein synthesis, the formation of strong bones & teeth... cellular health…. and the list goes on.

Yet nearly every one of us are chronically-deprived of magnesium!

And unresolved; it will cause your metabolism to completely fall-apart.

Why Medical Authorities Say
Magnesium Is A Critical Metabolic‑Control:
“…A deficiency in this critical nutrient, makes you twice as likely to die."
~Journal of Intensive Care Medicine
“…Every known illness is associated with Magnesium deficiency"
Every known illness is associated with magnesium deficiency. Magnesium is the most critical mineral required for electrical stability of every cell in the body. A Magnesium deficiency may be responsible for more diseases than any other nutrient.
Author; Holy Water, Sacred Oil, The Fountain of Youth
“…Once Magnesium falls below a certain level, everything goes.”
Once magnesium falls down below a certain level, just about everything starts to go. The cell is not able to have a fully integrated membrane system. it just starts to get weaker and weaker. It doesn't have the energy to do all the things it needs to do.
~Dr. Andrea Rosanoff, M.D., Ph.D.
Co-Auther; The Magnesium Factor
“…Up to 50 percent of sudden Heart Attacks may be due to magnesium deficiency."
~Dr. James Pierce, P.h.D
Author; Your nutritional key to cardiovascular wellness
“…Some 350 enzymes within the body rely on Magnesium.”
Some 350 enzymes witin the body rely on Magnesium. It is not completely clear what long-term damage is being done to the body by having low levels of Magnesium. The problem of measuring accurate amounts of Magnesium in the body is difficult because intracellular Magnesium is what needs to be measured. Those who've stroked out, had the lowest levels of ionized Magnesium when they stroked out.
New York State University, Science Center
"...Magnesium acts as a brake for Cancer.”
~Dr. Delbet
Royal Academy of Medicine
“…Magnesium supplementation truly improves health and changes lives.”
~Carolyn Dean, M.D., ND
Author; The Miracle of Magnesium
“…It prevents heart disease, cancer; improves energy & sleep."
I cannot think of a bodily department in which Magnesium is not essential… It prevents heart disease, cancer, high blood pressure, kidney stones, improves energy & sleep, etc.
~Dr. Sarah Mayhill, MB, BS
Author; Diagnosing and Treating CFS
“…Magnesium is the most important mineral to man and all living organisms."
~ Dr. Jerry Aikawa
University of Colorado
“…The first medicine that you should stock in your medical cabinet."

Magnesium Chloride, the same product when injected during a heart attack or stoke to save your life - can be used for a wide variety of disorders. It is the medical miracle we have been waiting for. It is the first medicine that you should stock in your medical cabinet. It is as necessary as the air we breathe in an easily assimulated natural form.

Hundreds of billions of dollars and millions of lives would be saved if magnesium was supplemented and used widely as a food, or as a medicine. Magnesium brings new life and energy to the cells whenever it is applied. If your Magnesium is sufficient, your odds of having a heart attack or stroke are greatly diminished. Hospitals may be forced to use Magnesium Chloride, or just watch as more and more die from their refusal

~ Mark Sircus, AC, OMD
Author; Transdermal Magnesium Therapy
“The Magnesium Miracle”

The year was 2007.

I was some making progress with my health… when a new book surfaced in the alternative health community, that seemed to be making a lot of chatter.

It was called “The Magnesium Miracle”. (Written by Carolyn Dean)

So I picked up a copy and dove into it. What I discovered actually kind of was a miracle.

It spoke of stories of person after person, overcoming the most common health and metabolic challenges… simply by (properly) restoring their magnesium levels.

…From headaches, to physical-pain, to anxiety and depression, to diabetes… hypertension… nervous system disorders… to a long list of various chronic struggles.

It was quite impressive to say the least. Especially when were so conditioned to believe all our health challenges are “very complicated”. In this case, reality demonstrated quite the opposite!

The book also went on to explain…

Why Everyone is Battling Magnesium-Deficiency?

This part of the book was the polar opposite of a miracle…

Complete and utter HORROR.

Experts from various scientific publications stating; over 80% of industrialized adults were all magnesium defifient. Yes—Over 80%… And that was back then!

Yet, the disaster has only managed to continue to escalate, ever since…

I wondered how this could be?

Well… when you look at some of the main causes of our collective magnesium deficiency, it's not hard to see why it's become such a problem of epidemic proportions.

A problem that’s only gotten exponentialy worse today!

Our bodies are magnesium burning and thirsting machines… and most modern day diets and water are not only “severely stripped of magnesium” needed to effectively nourish us — but actually contain poisons — that block or strip magnesium further!

For this reason, some experts believe this sabotage is premeditated… that there’s an active-agenda to deplete our regular magnesium sources.

(…Mainly because this defificiency seems to enable a “perfect-storm” for creating life-long healthcare customers, while ordinary supplementation and diet appear unreliable in it’s correction… All making for radical, though interesting contemplation.)

But whether we choose to subscribe to some conspiracy-notion or not…

…When You Look at What’s Causing All This, It’s Simple to See Why Everyone is So Affected:

There are several reasons why we have chronically low magnesium levels.

There are things that deplete magnesium from our food and water... and there are things that flush magnesium out of our bodies – causing our magnesium levels to constantly dwindle.

Here is a list of the most common known causes…

GLYPHOSATE: Did you know offenders like glyphosate in products like Roundup, actually “chelate-magnesium” from our crops and soils? (Literally erasing it from your diet…)
PRESCRIPTION DRUGS: Almost all prescription drugs lead to a depletion in Magnesium.
CONVENTIONAL MEAT, EGGS & DAIRY: The widespread use of growth hormones and high-grain diets result in nutritional deficiencies, especially of magnesium in the livestock. Which means less magnesium in the resulting animal products.
SOIL DEPLETION: The quality of our soil has deteriorated from the acidic build-up and use of fertilizers that contain large amounts of Potassium. This results in lower Magnesium in produce than ever before.
HEAVY METALS: Today, heavy metals are a very serious problem. Magnesium is not only a key protection against these poisons, but is alternatively is depleted in the presence of their toxicity, found inside all of us! (*Evidence also suggests a deficiency in Magnesium also leads to further depositation of these metals in our brains, leading to various neurological diseases…)
WHEAT & GRAINS: Originally high in Magnesium, our grains have been so refined that Magnesium is sadly lost from the refining process.
HIGH CALCIUM: Calcium is very high in todays diet. In fact, many foods and beverages are fortified with it. Studies show that calcium blocks proper magnesium absorption in our bodies. (Calcium imbalance, as we mentioned, contributes to heart concerns, joint & muscle pain and cellular imbalance – along with ATP disruption and energy deprivation…)
FLUORIDATED WATER: Fluoride binds with Magnesium, making it unnavailable to our body and unable to perform it's needed functions.
CHLORINATED WATER: Chlorinated water kills our gut flora and leads to gut dysbiosis, resulting in severe malabsorption of magnesium and countless other nutrients.
ACID RAIN: Acid rain, which contains nitric-acid, causes a chemistry change in the soil, and leads to abnormal acidity. This causes Magnesium depletion in whatever grows.
SALT: The high amount of sodium in most diets flushes magnesium out of our bodies. Also, when you refine salt, it is stripped of magnesium. (The danger of this is magnesium is needed in each cell to counteract and balance sodium…)
SUGAR & ALCOHOL: Sugar is everywhere in our food and drink supply. Both sugar and alcohol increase magnesium excretion through our kidneys and urine, while our bodies do not retain the magnesium.
…It’s Quite Easy to See Why Everyone is Affected!

Some of us obviously more than others…

But the macro-thread is that we all need more adequate magnesium.

“How much” depends on how chronically-low (your body personally) is deficient.

And yes, there is a way to check yourself…

How Badly is This Affecting You?
(*How to Check-Yourself*)

How deficient are you? …Is magnesium deficiency sabotaging your metabolism and placing your health in danger?? Perhaps.

So why can't you just waltz into your local doctor's office and get a blood test?

Well you can… The problem is it won’t do you much good.

This is because blood-tests for magnesium have proven themselves unreliable, when it comes to chronic-deficiency… because they only measure what’s in your blood; and what your body forces there to keep you alive is not an accurate respresentation of bodily-sufficiency.

For example: When you make a trip to your Doctors office and/or hospital, they are likely to measure your Magnesium levels when called for. Sounds good so far?

Here's the issue:

Less than 1% of the Magnesium in our body is actually found in your blood serum!

Approximately one-quarter is found in muscle tissue, and three-fifths in bone… Yet blood serum is most commonly utilized for Magnesium status!

For this reason, experts have agreed you largely have to go off of symptoms.

Common Symptoms of Magnesium Deficiency:
Stress intolerance?
Digestive issues?
Sleep issues?
Respiratory difficulties?
Sensitivity to loud noises?
Physical irritability?
Mood swings?
Focus or concentration struggles?
Brain fog? Impaired memory?
Muscle spasms/Joint-pain?
GERD; Acid-Reflux?
Bone density concerns?
Bad menstrual cramps?
Poor circulation?
Anxiety or depression?
Diabetes or hypoglycemia?
Innability to relax?
Stressed liver function?
Cancers or chronic-infections?
...ANY of These Symptoms Familiar?

If you're at all like I was... chances are quite a few of these are affecting you.

It’s almost innevitable.

And unfortunately by-the-time you experience symptoms, the problem has already been exasperating for quite some time… usually indicating a more advanced-deficiency.

For some folks, their body may have been fighting this deficiency their entire life!

Another big problem: Your body cannot make Magnesium on it's own.

…Your body must obtain it from an outside source.

So Why Can’t You Just Supplement!?

Magnesium is more tricky than most people are aware of.

How you consume it is the difference between helping and potentially harming your body… If you've taken magnesium in the past there's a pretty good chance it was through a supplement (pill) of some kind.

Unfortunately, most magnesium supplementation has proven largely ineffective.

Synthetic magnesium pills/supplements have been found to have appallingly low bioavailability… Some discovered to have as little as a 4% absorption rate!

(…Yes that means only 4% of what you’re trusting for relief is able to make it past your digestive system and to the places where it stands a chance at working. The other 96% is wasted.)

Basically, these oral supplements can't be absorbed in high enough quantities to make any significant difference in your repletion efforts — while your body is simoultaneously fighting an ongoing depletion!

This is largely because magnesium from food needs to remain in your intestines for hours to be absorbed into your bloodstream… And supplements on the other hand, move through you much more quickly because they aren't being digested along with fibers, proteins and other things found in your food.

All this is why oral-supplementation often leaves you stuck at square one; DEFICIENT.

"Most Magnesium Supplements on the market are USELESS for two reasons: First, they're made from the wrong form of Magnesium. Second, oral supplementation of Magnesium is not very effective…"
~ Daniel Reid. Author, The TAO of Detox

WARNING: Wasting your money isn’t all you need to worry about.

Some types of magnesium supplements are actually harmful – such as magnesium aspartate, which breaks down into a molecule similar to the artificial sweetener aspartame that does all sorts of things you don't want.

Plus… if you accidentally take too much of any of these oral supplements, it's actually possible to overdose and can cause damage to your kidneys.

Then there's also the common laxative side-effect associated with oral magnesium supplements… (Sure if you are looking to clear out your colon, oral supplements are useful!)

That’s because the 96% of magnesium that doesn't get absorbed, runs right through you… providing a potent (though very unpredictable) laxative effect!

I kid-you-not… Several years back some aquantances that were enamored by my health advances, had begun hurling down magnesium (standard over-the-counter magnesium pills and powders) that had resulted in complaints of various digestive adventures.

One person even admitingly—


Probably not an adventure you’re too excited about.

And these side-effects with oral supplementation are more common than you’d think.

Anyway, the last thing anyone in distress needs to throw fuel on the fire… is crapping their pants — especially out or at work! (Seriously, how socially degrading and embarassing!)

Plus, even if you’re largely unaffected by digestive-disturbances, you’re still challenged with inefficient means to effectively restore your necessary magnesium levels, fast-enough.

And there’s a much better way to get abundant levels of magnesium into your body.

It won't give you an upset stomach or cause any side effects and it can restore a healthy balance of magnesium to every cell in your body — in just a matter of weeks or even DAYS, rather than over several months, or (in many cases) even YEARS.

The Safest, Most Absorbable Magnesium That Can Upgrade Your Metabolism And Squash Your Symptoms “In Days vs Years…”

Daniel Reid (author, The TAO of Detox) states:

"The form of magnesium which the human metobolic system recognizes and assimilates most readily is the same form contained in sea water. And the simple secret for proper and optimim assimilation, is to apply it transdermally via the skin, NOT as an oral supplement. It is the quick and easy way to correct chronic degeneration caused by Magnesium deficiency…”

How it works:

You just spray a clear, odorless, stain-free natural liquid onto your skin. It is absorbed in a matter of seconds to deliver pure, 100% bioavailable magnesium directly to your bloodstream.

…Since our skin is our biggest organ, it allows for the heaviest absorption. And it doesn't need to tax your digestive system or be processed by the liver or kidneys!

Instead it’s instantly-absorbed, enters your bloodstream within 90-seconds and in addition, can be applied directly (to specific-problem areas) for immediate relief.

What’s also important is it’s not only the quickest and easiest method… but also the safest!

This is because your skin will not absorb more than your body needs. Once your levels are high enough, your skin will actually police how much magnesium it lets through! (Yet allows you to safely absorb more magnesium than you could possibly get from tablets or capsules.)

When you put it on, or even add it to a bath-tub soak, you'll feel it instantly flow into your bloodstream in literally just a few seconds...

Short-story: The same-form of magnesium I sourced and used myself with great success.

My Personal Discovery…

During my complete life-style shift, I discovered first hand what an eye-opening critical role Magnesium played in our bodies... particularly with Magnesium Chloride Hexahydrate and it's unique ability to solve such epidemic problems with incredible EASE.

As you can see, this was my personal discovery with magnesium.

If you take one thing from this report: Give your body the best opportunity for absorption and assimilation of Magnesium, by applying it transdermally (through the skin) rather than as a supplement or pill! I had tried them all and the difference was absolutely mind-bending.

…Unfortunately, magnesium-repletion with commonly-available magnesium chlorides, aren’t nearly as therapeutically-absorbable as they could be — and many folks experience it to be irritating to their skin from the dehydrating-salts — which commonly come from rock-derived solutions that can contain toxic metals, you definitely don’t want on your skin organ.

This presented a conumdrum, because I wanted to offer my new found discovery to the public.

The most thorough research I dug-up, including that of Mr Reid’s, firmly stated “the same form of magnesium as found in sea water”… which was exactly what I was personally using.

The problem was this was not yet made publicly available in a packaged solution.

I’d acquired mine from a good scientist friend of mine, who’d recently just developed a home-made magnesium solution that was indeed extracted from real purified sea water!

And if I’ve discovered anything about health it’s this:

“In the game of health, when you discover something that works — you always want to pay attention to the integrity of that solution, and never change it…”

Just some good ol’ wellness wisdom for you, from yours truly. :-)

Anyway, I wanted to share my experience with others, and for them to be able to have the same incredible experience I had. And thus, the solution needed to be the (exact) same.

So I took the simple approach:

I contacted my same scientist friend, to which supplied me personally… and we partnered up to bring folks the best magnesium solution available anywhere in the world!

…A naturally pure solution of “Dead Sea-derived” magnesium – devoid of any additional substances, that can be found in traditional rock-derived or otherwise synthetic magnesiums.

It’s AMAZING. Here’s how it works:

After we inspect for purity, followed by a natural purification process… we then cultivate it into a bioavailable-solution using a “natural implosion process” that enhances your body’s ability to absorb it effortlessly and instantly — with no leftover skin reminence!

This means it gets {through} your skin much more easily and into your body, faster!

The result; the highest-level solution your body has ever experienced!



*Derived from ~ The Pure and Natural Dead Sea!

EASE is pure magnesium chloride hexahydrate, naturally derived from the Dead Sea.

It’s the brain-child of over 13 years of research, testing, sourcing and natural formalization.

A 100% natural and bioavailable solution that enters your bloodstream through your skin — restoring healthy magnesium levels, while promoting proper calcium absorption.

*Each bottle of EASE is filled with nothing but 100% pure iMCH™

EASE Contains NO Artificial Ingredients or Fillers!

In fact, EASE is so pure that it could even be administered intravenously without any ill effects!

A real-pharmaceutical-grade magnesium, with natural implosion technology for maximum absorption and purity… The ultimate magnesium-repletion formula your health and lifestyle has been dreaming of!

The world’s most perfectly pure, most perfectly potent, most perfectly safe, most perfectly absorbable and most perfectly synergistic magnesium solution your body can experience…

Experience the purest, most absorbable Magnesium on the planet… 100% GUARANTEED to have ZERO skin irritation or residue!

If You've Tried Transdermal Magnesium Before, You’ll be Super Happy to Know:

If you've tried other transdermals and you're at all skeptical, I urge you to try this test for yourself… try any "magnesium oil" you can find and apply it to the skin on your left-arm.

…On your right-arm, apply an equal amount of EASE Magnesium and watch what happens!

You'll notice on your left-arm, the liquid doesn't immediately soak in and may sting on contact with your skin or itch for a while after you apply it…

Yet on your right-arm (where you sprayed EASE), your skin will absorb the liquid within seconds, even if you barely rub it in! In fact, we've lost count of all the emails we've received from people who have compared EASE to the alternatives!

Not only will EASE never irritate your skin:

But it actually moisturizes and rehydrates dry skin – improving your skin's texture and tone by binding water molecules to your skin and promoting new skin cell growth!

This is because EASE uses proprietary “Saturation Point Technology” to infuse the MCH magnesium into a hyper-saturated solution of ultra-purified water!

Again, that means no mineral residue on your skin or clothing... no odor or oily texture... only absorption of these vital nutrients where you need them most, in literally just seconds!

…What Makes EASE So Different?

There are several reasons all transdermal-magnesiums are not the same.

First off, contrary to what many people believe... your skin is not a shell.

Your skin is an ORGAN.

Whatever you put on your skin, goes into your body… So whatever else is in your magnesium solution, including possible contaminents, is extremely important.

(WARNING: Because you will also absorb the accompanying materials or toxins!)

Some transdermal solutions are oils that are a simple mixture of water, powdered magnesium that's often sourced second-hand from rock, or nickel-mining waste; containing many other trace minerals that are NOT meant to be absorbed through your skin!

This is one reason why they tend to leave a "filmy irritation" that's certainly not desired.

Some of these products, because of how they are sourced, can also contain dangerous levels of metals and other contaminants. (Stuff we don't want in our bodies!)

This why we firmly believe that the proper solution should never irritate your skin, leave filmy residues, stain clothes or fail to dry. Your body and skin — should love it!

The Most Compatible Magnesium for Your Body.

For thousands of years, many cultures around the world have passed down the health benefits of bathing in ocean water...

The ancient Greeks called it “thalassotherapy”, which means; Healing from the SEA.

(Explaining why they regularly bathed in seawater-filled pools…)

Well by the early 1900s, medical science was researching the reason why sea water appeared to have such unique therapeutic benefits to our human bodies…

As it turns out, the inside of your body is a lot like an ocean!

Medical researchers had discovered that seawater – including its natural mineral content – is virtually identical to the composition of human blood plasma!

This is what we mean by 100% compatible with your human operating system!

So compatible that during World War II, the US Navy used seawater when they ran out of blood plasma supplies to save the lives of injured sailors – pumping it straight into their veins!

This is because there is a unique-form of magnesium contained in sea water, found nowhere else in nature and this is instantly-recognized and absorbed by your body…

Scientists call the magnesium in seawater Magnesium Chloride Hexahydrate. (*Or MCH)

We call it EASE… because we took it out of the SEAS!

What Our Scientists Discovered 20 Years Ago...

MCH (magnesium chloride hexahydrate) is dramatically enhanced when it's extracted in concentration, using a special implosion and imprint technology that makes it more bioavailable.

This is why you can literally feel it within seconds of it hitting your skin…

It’s also why we refer to our solution as “i-MCH”. Because of our patented natural implosion-process and enhanced bioavailability through transdermal absorption compatibility.

Unlike magnesium found in conventional supplements that are synthetic or extracted from rocks... i-MCH is attracted to and completely dissolves in the WATER inside your body!

As a result, it's freely absorbed through the microscopic pores in your skin and effortlessly enters your bloodstream to reach the cells where it's needed most, without upsetting your stomach or putting any stress on your kidneys.

And because it never has to enter your GI tract, it never causes any digestive problems!

Also, because your skin will only absorb as much magnesium as your body can use right away... you’re also protected from possibilites of overdose.

The Most Elegant Solution for Magnesium Repletion You’ve Never Experienced:
…Because No One Wants to Wait 5 YEARS!

Studies report oral magnesium supplements are not easy to assimilate and can take FIVE YEARS OR LONGER to get results sustainably raising Magnesium levels! (No thanks!)

Yet applying a natural source of Magnesium to your skin like EASE, constitutes the HIGHEST rate of absorption for optimal assimulation!

How long does EASE™ take to raise your Magnesium levels?

Drum roll please..................

*The average person takes only 4 short weeks.... some folks just DAYS!

EASE makes getting the magnesium you need not only easy, but fast. Nearly everyone who uses this one-of-a-kind spray reports feeling noticeable effects immediately…

…Cramps disappear, muscles relax, joint pain fades and you get the quality sleep and restoration of energy you desire! There’s no need to wait!

EASE Your Body With; The Fastest Working, Most Absorbable And Easiest To Use Natural Magnesium On Earth To Upgrade Your Metabolism!

+ Instantly support hundreds of stressed metabolic processes!

+ Support healthy blood sugar and EASE metabolic stress!

+ EASE your anxiety and squash nervous tension… RELAX!

+ Increase natural ATP ENERGY, no coffee jitters or midday crashes!

+ Lift your mood… Feel better, stronger, calmer and happier!

+ Reduce carb & sugar cravings and lose weight!

+ Balance muscle contraction/relaxation to reduce blood pressure!

+ Dissolve stress… tolerate and process stress more easily!

+ Feel more at EASE by balancing your nervous system!

+ Aids detoxification of mercury and other heavy metals!

+ Improve your digestion of proteins, fats, as well as sugar metabolism!

+ Increase energy-transport throughout your body!

+ Naturally surpress the occurance of body odor…

+ Reduce bad breath, bleeding gums and tooth demineralization!

+ Activate enzymes that control and improve digestion!

+ Boost up your immune defense — get sick less!

+ Break down calcium in your joints and cardiovascular system!

+ Fight off “blood-pollution” and excess calcium…

+ Regulates intracellular calcium to prevent CELL DEATH!

+ Fights EMF’s & harmful radiation, that’s forcing calcium into your cells!

+ Encourages more restful sleep. Sleep deeper than you ever thought possible!

+ Optimizes your sleep by influencing the release of melatonin and GABA!

+ Helps regulate proper circadium rythym…

+ Fights sleep-distruption from “blue-light” of smartphones, computers or TV!

+ Neutralizes catecholamines (from stress-induced adrenaline & cortisol)

+ May reduce your chances of heart attack & stroke by up to 50%!

+ Helps regulate balance of potassium and sodium inside heart muscle cells.

+ Helps regulate cardiac muscle contraction…

+ Helps support healthy blood pressure balance…

+ Helps prevent "calcification" or calcium build-up in your arterial walls!

+ Helps your hearts muscular ability to control valves…

+ Helps prevent muscle spasms in the blood, that lead to heart attacks!

+ Helps prevent muscle spasms in the peripheral blood vessels.

+ Helps prevent myocardial-infarction…

+ Helps protect against sudden cardiac death in athletic individuals.

+ Relieve muscle, joint pain and/or charlie horses — INSTANTLY!

+ Controls lactic acid release, to prevent post-exercise pain.

+ Helps relax muscles & relieve tension and pain…

+ Eliminates muscle spasms!

+ Helps soften your skin…

+ Hypoglycemia; helps prevent low blood sugar.

+ Diabetes; helps prevent high blood sugar.

+ Supports your Adrenal Glands…

+ Promotes normal blood sugar levels, 24/7

+ Vital for the production, function and transport of Insulin!

+ Reduces threshold and prevents seizures.

+ Helps your brain recover from trauma…

+ Protects your brain from toxic chemicals!

+ Helps prevent headaces and migraines…

+ Protects against and helps prevent panic-attacks!

+ EASE Boosts Your Brains
“Feel-Good Chemical” And SUPERCHARGES Your Ultimate Youth Hormone!

Yep. It’s 100% true…

EASE boosts production of serotonin: Your "feel good" brain chemical!

EASE also fuels your vitality and longevity further through promotion of DHEA.

Medical studies show that thoroughly absorbed magnesium also naturally boosts your levels of hormone DHEA, also known as: Your “anti-aging hormone".

DHEA normally declines with age in both men and women and is known as a life-span indicator.

When replenished, DHEA automatically goes to work rebalancing and replacing your body's levels of other hormones like estrogen and testosterone that also become depleted as you get older – helping to restore healthy, youthful levels!

Don’t Rob Yourself of Ease… Your Deficiency is

A Preventable Disaster You Can Easily Avoid!

As you can see, robbing your body of the required levels of Magnesium is NOT something we can afford to do…

Remember that sobering thought: “7-out-of-10 people you know, on pharma-drugs!?”

Well it doesn’t have to be that way!

Because when you replete and ensure your cellular magnesium stores, you are providing your body a METABOLIC-PARENT to govern hundreds of life-essential enzymatic processes!

This not only supports your health properly with its ability to eliminate undesirable symtoms, but also by enabling the incredible life-delivering benefits only EASE™ can provide you…

A grand-solution that isn’t just about "avoiding problems", but also about improving your health to achieve the HIGHEST LEVELS OF WELL-BEING imaginable!

So start replenishing your magnesium levels each day…

This magnificent mineral simply provides too much health benefit to not take full advantage of the incredible restoration of quality it can bring into your life!

Give it a try!

Let Us EASE™ Your Life – 100% RISK FREE!

Try EASE™ Magnesium for 2 FULL MONTHS and if you're not completely satisfied by this purely amazing product, we'll give you a full refund. (*You can even keep the bottle!)

It's that simple.... Put EASE Magnesium to the test and FEEL BETTER.

Because you have absolutely nothing to lose and only a better body & life to gain!

We support you and stand by this product 100%, because we know without question that EASE™ adds priceless quality to your life and the lives of your loved ones.

It’s that simple.

(Seriously… our refund-rate is nearly non-existant!)

What Happens When You Choose to Wake-Up With EASE™

Within literally their first minutes, customers have reported elevated moods!

Tens-of-thousands of folks around the world — have reported relief of inflammation, tension melting out of their joints and muscles… improved blood sugar balances, blood pressure decreases... relief from tension & anxiety. Better sleep… and sweet-BOOSTS of actual sustaining energy...

That special moment You experience EASE™

…You will feel a greater calmness in your bones.

…You will feel more-relaxed in your muscles.

…You will feel relief manifest in your joints.

…You will experience a much deeper sleep.

…You’ll awaken each day with more LIFE!

Aches, pains, stress and anxiety will begin fading away...

Once people try EASE™ out for themselves and find out it works (as well as it does), they start sharing it with their family and friends — with a never-ending chain of amazing results!

And we want that for You!!

So What Are You Waiting For…




“You were right, I must have been really low on Magnesium because it has done everything you said it would do. I love this stuff…. I’m feeling good again. I have not felt this way in months! Thank you so so much!”
— Janet. (posted Jun 23)

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**EASE™ has no scent or stain and quickly disappears into the body!

**Each bottle of EASE™ contains over 800 sprays and lasts one full month under routine conditions.

(*Though SAFE to use as much as you desire!)

Thank you for your business and we very much look forward to serving you!

P.S. EASE is 100% Guaranteed. You’re going to feel the difference or you don’t pay. If you literally don't feel more RELAXED... more RESTED… more ENERGIZED, more “in-the-zone” than ever before… then kindly request a full refund. You have 2 months "on us" to feel better!

P.P.S. After personally experiencing pain free living and a complete metabolic upgrade — I knew this was something EVERYONE needed to have… That’s why we guarantee your purchase. You’re satisfied or we’ll refund your order and you can even keep the bottle!

ease life
“I had a major back issue for the last 6 months that was crippling me… I got the Activation EASE Spray, I asked my wife to rub it on my back. Now, 3 days later, I have no issue whatsoever. A major problem that cost me months of pain and peace of mind, well over $1000 in medical bills, as well as time researching, booking, travelling and attending appointments …. was solved with a simple product that costs $29.95.”
DJ — posted on Jun 29, 10:10
“I had tried several other brands of magnesium oil and Ease is by far the best and most absorbable magnesium oil I have ever used. Please don’t ever discontinue or change this products formulation because I swear by this product. It not only stops sinus headaches within minutes, it keeps my body from experiencing any post workout muscle aches. Love this product.”
Lynn — posted on Jun 14, 12:10
“I bought this as more of a hair loss experiment. The theory goes that, male pattern baldness is caused by calcification of the scalp. Magnesium is known to dissolve calcium in soft tissues. No brainer right. So I shaved my head and started applying this to my scalp. Now it appears that my receding hair line is coming back! I kinda don’t believe it but there is hair growing to the point where my hair line is back to normal although still a little thin. It has only been 2 weeks!”
Daniel M — posted on September 17, 14:48
“This product really works like nothing else ever has. Thank you for making it.”
Frank — posted on May 24, 15:05
“I came across Ease in January. I thought it might help with the lingering neuropathy from chemotherapy 18 months before. I sprayed some on my feet and ankles. Within half an hour I noticed something remarkable. My ankles didn’t ache anymore! My ankles and knees have ached constantly all day every day since chemo. I started using it on my knees too. The neuropathy is still there. But it’s great not to ache!”
Mary M — posted on Jun 29, 10:13
“I’ve taken magnesium pills but body doesn’t digest it; this is only type of magnesium I can absorb.”
Virginia P — posted this on April 29, 15:58
“I have been using EASE magnesium for about 3 months now and I have to say that it is the best decision that I have made. I love this stuff I don’t know where I would be with out it. Thank you”
Jan — posted on Apr 19, 15:34

“I have used many different Magnesium Sprays in the past. I was using them, because I read a lot of positive things about spraying Magnesium on your skin is superior to oral ingestion.

Unfortunately all other sprays and magnesium oil products I used in the past, had many very uncomfortable side effects. Stinging, itching, burning on the skin for at least 30 minutes after application. The absolute worst side effect of all other products was though, that they left me with a horrible sticky feeling on my skin for hours. My bed sheets had also to be changed every 3-4 days, because when applying these other sprays before going to bed, the bed sheets became sticky too!

ALL of these side effects of other products are not there with EASE! It´s a way superior product, that gives you the Magnesium boost you need, without any side effects! For the first time, I can even feel the instant relaxing effect of the product! Thank you so much!”

Dieter S — posted on Mar 30, 16:29
“I have a friend who is 52 years old. He has suffered 2 strokes and has all sorts of health problems. The week I received your magnesium product I gave him a bottle. He used to fall over with cramps in his legs. I saw him 3 weeks later and he was begging me never to run out as his cramps had completely gone!”
Julie D — posted on December 4, 09:46
“This product is the only thing that relieves my insomnia and stress. Been suffering from it from years and now get a full nights sleep with this. I spray it on about 30 minutes before bedtime.”
Daniel M — posted on November 26, 16:13

Don’t be surprised if you fall in love with EASE. Big things are in store for you, so you have nothing to worry about!

Take 60 days… relax. Kick back, and EASE your body & mind.

EASE is going to make your life better, or it’s simple. We’ll refund your order and EASE your pain. Either way, you’re at EASE!